CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Guide

Pre-Trip Walthrough
Print out the pre-trip inspection guide.
Air Brakes Pre-Trip Test
This practice tests goes over the air brakes test portion of the pre-trip inspection.
Pre-Trip Practice Test
This practice test covers important questions from the pre-trip inspection.

About the Pre-Trip Inspection

pre-trip inspectionDuring the pre-trip inspection test you must show that the vehicle is safe to be driven. You will have to walk around the vehicle and point out each item, name the item, explain what you are looking for, and why you are checking it.

Study our pre-trip inspection guide and you will be completely prepared for the pre-trip inspection. The examiner will test you on one of multiple versions of the pre-trip. All versions of the pre-trip will include the engine start and an in cab inspection. Then, your examiner will tell you to inspect the whole vehicle or just a portion of the vehicle.

The pre-trip inspection is not part of your written test. The pre-trip inspection is usually taken just before the basic skills test and road test. The examiner will not help you or guide you at all. The examiner will just tell you what to inspect, the cab, the engine, the trailer, etc. and you will go from there.

We recommend that you follow a system it could be our system or you can develop one that is easier for you. For example when doing the engine inspection you should start at the passenger side and work your way from the air filter all the way down to the u-bolt. Then you should move to the drivers side and start with the wire harnesses at the top and move your way down to the slack adjuster at the bottom.