CDL Double/Triple Trailer Practice Tests

Double/Triple Trailer Practice Test
This course covers: driving double and triple trailer vehicles, double trailer vehicle air brakes, and anti-lock brake systems.
Double/Triple Trailer Print Out Guide
All the important information and test questions and answers.

About the Double/Triple Trailer Endorsement Test

Driving double and triple trailer combination vehicles are challenging because they don't stop or turn as well as other vehicles. This practice test will help you understand how to uncouple and couple correctly, how important it is to be careful when driving with more than one trailer, and how to inspect trailers properly.

It is imperative that you pay attention to the questions regarding the air supply system on double and triple trailer combination vehicles. The doubles and triples endorsement test must be taken by anyone who wants to drive a multiple trailer combination vehicle. You must score an 80% or better to pass the doubles and triples test.