CDL Endorsements Explained

CDL General Knowledge test

Every perspective commercial driver must pass this written test. This test covers the basics like managing space, controlling speed, identifying hazards, driving in the night and accident procedures to name a few.

Air Brakes Test

It is required that you pass the air brakes endorsement if you drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes. You will be tested on the parts, inspection, and use of air brakes. Pay close attention to the questions and answers that regard dual air brake systems.

Combination Endorsement Test

If you want to drive a tractor trailer this endorsement is a requirement for you. Before you take the test know about combination vehicle antilock braking systems, coupling, uncoupling, and driving combination trucks safely.

CDL Doubles and Triples Test

This is the most rare endorsement. It requires you to have a combination endorsement. The test at the DMV will ask a lot of questions regarding to the proper use of the air brake system on double and triple trailers.

Passenger Endorsement

If you want to drive a vehicle that carries 16 or more passengers you must have a passenger endorsement. A passenger endorsement does not allow you to drive a school bus.

School Bus Endorsement

You need the passenger endorsement to get a school bus endorsement. The school bus test covers emergency evacuation, loading, unloading, and student management.

CDL Tanker Test

Required if your vehicle has a permanently mounted tank of 119 gallons or more. Covers baffles, liquid surge, outage, inspection of tank vehicles, and driving tank vehicles safely.

Hazardous Materials Endorsement

The haz-mat is the hardest cdl test there is. The test covers safe procedures, emergency procedures, safe mounting of material, classification of material, and hazardous material handling.

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