Get Your CDL: A Step by Step Guide

Pass your state’s written test and get your cdl permit.
  1. Decide what endorsements you need to drive your desired commercial vehicle.
  2. Study for the written test with online CDL test questions and answers.
  3. Schedule an appointment at the DMV. Don’t forget to bring your social security card, birth certificate, proof of residency (usually 2 documents), and money to pay for the testing fees with you to the DMV.

You have your permit and are now ready to drive with a licensed commercial driver accompanying you. You can train with a friend who has a cdl, with a trucking company, or with a certified truck training facility.

  1. Practice for your basic skills test. The test is composed of straight line backing, offset backing, parallel parking, and alley docking. These maneuvers can be tricky, but with a couple hours of practice you will do just fine.
  2. Study for your cdl pre-trip inspection. Go around the truck naming all the parts of the truck and describe each part’s function.
  3. Take the tests with your truck training facility or at your DMV.

It will take a few days for your test results to be registered in the system with the DMV. After a few days go to the DMV and pick up your CDL license.

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