Managing Space – Safe Driving Tips for CMV Drivers

When driving on the road for long periods of time it easy to become inpatient or not alert. This is when driving can become dangerous especially when driving a large commercial vehicle. Large trucks simply don’t stop or turn as quickly as others. You need to maintain a safe following distance at all times.

Keeping a safe following distance will allow you to stop your vehicle or make a safe evasion in time to avoid an accident. You need a minimum of one second for each 10 feet of vehicle length at speeds below 40 mph. At greater speeds, you must add 1 second for safety.

What if you are being tailgated? The best way to deal with an aggressive driver that is tailgating you is to increase your following distance even further. This make you not have to stop any faster than normal and the person behind won’t rear end you.

How to manage space in turns. When driving a long vehicle through a right turn keep your wheels tight to the curb. This will prevent anyone from cutting you off and getting trapped. If your vehicle cannot make the turn without going into another lane, take the turn wide as you complete the turn. When making a left hand turn reach the middle of the intersection before starting the turn. Long vehicles off-track and can cause the rear wheels to drag and hit another vehicle.

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Cell Phone Ban On CDL Drivers – Updated Rules & Regulations

As of January 3, 2012 all commercial vehicle drivers are prohibited from using their cellular device under certain circumstances. This is a federal rule and applies to all commercial vehicle drivers only when the driver is driving a commercial vehicle. Forms of cell phone uses not allowed:

  • Dialing your cell phone while driving a commercial vehicle.
  • Holding your cell phone while driving.
  • Reaching for a cell phone

Cell phone use is allowed through a wired or wireless earpiece, or speakerphone. The following forms of communication are allowed. Forms of communication still allowed:

  • Using speaker phone.
  • Using wired or wireless headset.
  • CB radios.

Each state will have three years to implement the penalizations and disqualifications.

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CDL Practice Tests Vehicle Inspection

Inspection is Necessary

You must inspect your vehicle to ensure safety for you and others on the road.

Issues with a vehicle found before a trip will save you money and possibly your life. Preventative maintenance is key to keeping your vehicle safe and to avoid costly repairs.

Federal Department of Transportation officers can also inspect your vehicle. A D.O.T officer will scrutinize your vehicle. If anything is wrong they will write you a ticket or even worse they will put the vehicle out of service.

3 Kinds of Vehicle Inspection

The Pre-trip Inspection

The per-trip inspection should be done before you enter the vehicle every time.

During a Trip

  • Regularly check the gauges for any abnormalities.
  • Look in the mirrors to make sure everything is alright.
  • Check the most important items:
    • Tires, wheels and rims.
    • Brakes.
    • Lights and reflectors.
    • Air hoses and electrical connections to the trailer.
    • Trailer coupling devices.
    • Cargo fasteners.

Post-trip Inspection

Check the the vehicle at the end of every day. It is a good practice to keep a log of any repairs that may need to be done.

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California CDL Test Answers

The California commercial driver’s license test is can be very challenging without the proper preparation. In order to prepare for the cdl test one must obtain a copy of the cdl handbook. In the handbook you will find information on the general knowledge test, air brakes, school bus, passenger, combination, hazmat, and double trailer cdl tests. You may have to pass several of these tests in order to pass your cdl written test.

The most effective way to study for the california cdl permit test is to use the California cdl test answers. These answers are available through online practice tests and print outs.

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New York CDL Practice tests and Answers

A quick look into the new york commercial driver’s license tests. In the state of New York you must pass your CDL written permit test before you can take the road tests and get your CDL. Every New York CDL prospect needs to pass the general knowledge written test and depending on the vehicle possibly several other written tests. The written tests include the general knowledge, passenger, school bus, haz-mat, combination, tanker, and doubles.

New York CDL class A,B, and C

  • Class A: Tractor trailer, Double and triple trailers
  • Class B: Straight trucks some examples are dump trucks, cement trucks, and vac-trucks.
  • Class C: School bus, coach bus, and a smaller vehicles that require placards for carrying hazardous material.

The fastest and most effective way to pass your New York CDL written test is by using the New York cdl test answers and practice tests.

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Be Prepared with CDL Practice Tests

The CDL permit test is the first hurdle in the process of getting your commercial driver’s license. With multiple CDL endorsements and lots of information, the written test can be intimidating. The fastest, most effective, and easiest way to prepare for your written tests is with online cdl practice tests.

With online practice tests you can take cdl tests that look like the real D.M.V cdl tests. Studying online is great because you can study anytime and in anyplace that has internet access. Conventional classroom teaching methods are time consuming and cannot meet your schedule. Reading a CDL test prep book is also time consuming and can be boring. With online cdl practice tests and test answers preparing for your CDL written test can be enjoyable and interesting.

Getting ready for your CDL permit test doesn’t have to nerve racking.

  • All 50 states
  • Online tests
  • Print out tests
  • Class A,B, & C
  • All 7 CDL written tests
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Florida CDL Written Test Information

A brief summary of the cdl permit process in Florida. At most Florida DMV offices the florida cdl written test is administered on a computer. Each question on the test is timed. You have to be well prepared to pass the tests. The minimum passing grade for each written test is 80%. The general knowledge test is the longest Florida cdl written test at around 50 total questions. All the other endorsements are around 30 questions each. The best way to prepare for the florida cdl permit test is with the florida cdl test answers and practice tests.

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Commercial Driver’s License Classifications

CDL License Classes

CDL Class A

  • Any combination of vehicles with a GCWR of 26,001 or more pounds provided the GVWR of the vehicle(s) being towed is in excess of 10,000 pounds.
  • Example – Tractor trailer

CDL Class B

  • Any single vehicle with a GVWR of 26,001 or more pounds, or any such vehicle towing a vehicle not in excess of 10,000 pounds GVWR.
  • Examples – Dump truck, cement truck, bus, school bus, large box trucks

CDL Class C

  • Any single vehicle, or combination of vehicles, that is not a class A or B, but is made to transport 16 or more passengers, including the driver, or is transporting material hazardous materials.
  • Examples – Passenger vans, small buses

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CDL Written Test

Each state makes their own cdl written tests that follow federal standards. Each of the written tests must have a minimum of 30 questions. That means that the New Jersey and Mississippi test may have a different number of questions, but the content will be nearly identical. States administer their tests in different ways some on paper and some through computers. Some states like Florida have a time limit on each question. Test takers must score an 80% or better on the written tests to pass.If you fail most states charge a small fee for a retake and most states allow you to take the retake that same day. You are allowed to take as many written tests as you want in one day. This may seem overwhelming, but if you are properly prepared it is a breeze.

Get completely prepared for your written tests with CDL practice tests and answers.

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CDL Endorsements Explained

CDL General Knowledge test

Every perspective commercial driver must pass this written test. This test covers the basics like managing space, controlling speed, identifying hazards, driving in the night and accident procedures to name a few.

Air Brakes Test

It is required that you pass the air brakes endorsement if you drive a vehicle equipped with air brakes. You will be tested on the parts, inspection, and use of air brakes. Pay close attention to the questions and answers that regard dual air brake systems.

Combination Endorsement Test

If you want to drive a tractor trailer this endorsement is a requirement for you. Before you take the test know about combination vehicle antilock braking systems, coupling, uncoupling, and driving combination trucks safely.

CDL Doubles and Triples Test

This is the most rare endorsement. It requires you to have a combination endorsement. The test at the DMV will ask a lot of questions regarding to the proper use of the air brake system on double and triple trailers.

Passenger Endorsement

If you want to drive a vehicle that carries 16 or more passengers you must have a passenger endorsement. A passenger endorsement does not allow you to drive a school bus.

School Bus Endorsement

You need the passenger endorsement to get a school bus endorsement. The school bus test covers emergency evacuation, loading, unloading, and student management.

CDL Tanker Test

Required if your vehicle has a permanently mounted tank of 119 gallons or more. Covers baffles, liquid surge, outage, inspection of tank vehicles, and driving tank vehicles safely.

Hazardous Materials Endorsement

The haz-mat is the hardest cdl test there is. The test covers safe procedures, emergency procedures, safe mounting of material, classification of material, and hazardous material handling.

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