CDL Air Brakes Practice Tests

Air brakes practice test 1
This course covers the parts of the air brake system: air compressor, governor, alcohol evaporator etc. and the dual air brake system.
Air brakes print out guide
Printable guide for the air brake test containing all the questions and answers from part 1.
Air brakes practice test 2
Part 2 covers inspecting air brake system and using air brake systems.
Air brakes print out guide 2
All the test questions and answers from part 2.

About the Air Brakes Endorsement Test

cdl class b general knowledge test

The air brake endorsement test must be taken by anyone who wants to drive a vehicle with air brakes. You must score an 80% or better to pass the air brake test.
This CDL course explains air brakes to you. If you wish to drive any vehicle equipped with air brakes including pulling a trailer with air brakes you take the air brakes course.
Air brakes use compressed air to make the brakes work. Air brakes are a safe and effective means of stopping large and heavy vehicles. Air brakes need to be maintained regularaly in order to function properly.

Our air brakes cdl practice tests contain questions and answers that are nearly identical to the ones that you will see at the DMV. The air brake endorsement written test is infamous for being the hardest endorsement test. Keep practicing our air brake tests until you are confident and you will have no problem passing. When you are done using our air brakes practice test and test answers you will have a clear understanding of how they work.